Supplies Yield Tracker

Never Ship too Many Supplies or Parts Again!

The Yield Tracker module provides an automated way to track the supplies provided to your customers under contract. Identify customers that are using more supplies than their contract allotment.

Yield tracking provides you with complete control over your contract commitments, saving you money by reducing excess inventory and shipping only the supplies agreed to under contract.

Automating the yield tracking process minimizes the manual effort required to manage contractual obligations, freeing your team up to focus on revenue generating opportunities.

Track supply usage based on:

  1. The total items shipped under the contract.
  2. The clicks on a machine
  • Provides you complete control of your contract commitments and saves you money
  • Ship only the supplies that you agreed to in the customer’s contract
  • Improve available cash
  • Reduce excess inventory

Key Features

Highly Configurable

Track usage criteria that is specific to your company.

Automatic Tracking
  • Automatically Track Customer Usage Limits
    • Usage levels are calculated based on the items from sales invoices, sales orders and parts used on a service task.
  • Yield Tracking by Parts Category
    • Tracks usage by number of supplies/parts used during the contract term. Levels can be set by contract template.
  • Yield Tracking by Meter Clicks
    • The total yield limits and the meter clicks on the service contract are evaluated to generate two types of alerts (which can be set by the individual contract):
      • Exceeds Alert - This occurs when the parts usage level exceeds the predefined warning level for the number of meter clicks on the service contract.
      • Low Alert - This occurs when the parts usage level is running low for the number of meter clicks on the service contract.
Supply Limit Alerts
  • Know when your customers have exceeded supply limits or are running low.
  • Once a customer has reached their supply limit, Miracle Service will notify you every time you ship additional items.
  • When you select the item included in the contract on a sales order, service task or sales invoice you will receive a pop-up notification that the order will exceed the customer’s limit, and give you the option to charge for the additional supplies.

System Requirements

Click here for a guideline on the minimum system requirements.