Report Editor

Take Control Over Your Reports & Templates

The Miracle Service Report Editor is an optional module that gives you the ability to modify the standard reports in Miracle Service.
Reports marked as *Editable in the Reports menu can be modified. Release Notes.


Please read the Report Editor Installation Instructions before proceeding.

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Last updated: 12 April 2022


Manuals & Installation Instructions:

Quick Start Guide – This is intended as a quick-start guide on how to install and use this module..

User Manual – More detailed instructions on the features and use of the Report Editor.
Right click > 'Save Target as' to download files to local machine.

Training Video:

Report Editor/Designer Training Session (48 mins):
Recording of live Miracle Service Report Editor/Designer training session.

List of Functions by Ability Level:

Basic Functions:

• Change fonts size, type and colour
• Changing alignment of text
• Resize or move your logo
• Delete fields
• Make minor layout changes, including re-positioning and resizing fields
• Add text boxes
• Add or change border styles
• Add or change background colors
• Add watermarks

Advanced Functions:

* Advanced functions require a good understanding on the use of similar report design tools such as Access Report Writer® or Crystal Reports®.

• Adding existing database fields
• Adding images
• Making major layout changes
• Changing groupings
• Changing sort orders
• Creating new reports