Miracle Service Release Notes

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Client Update Admin - April 19, 2022
• Added Admin Option to Edit or Delete Tasks closed with no invoice linked #0038094
• Improved Disconnect in QuickBooks Online File Setup
• Added Models to 'Grid Format' similar to the main UI grids.
• Added ability to globally update Equipment records from the Model Class Record
• Add Custom Fields and Documents to Models
• Added an Admin setting do allow for delaying SMTP Batch Emails (to avoid blacklisting)
• Updated wording for Batch Invoice Print Options wording to include emailing
• Added setting to export Work Performed to QuickBooks Direct and QuickBooks Online
• Made changes to the way POs are exported for QuickBooks Online. Batch Exporting of POs form Admin will only be allowed if Printed and Received.
• Improved Display of Customer-specific Event Definitions in Event Manager. Instead of showing each individual event per customer, the Event Manager now lists only each event definition, with a link to see all customers assigned to that event definition. #0032392
• Added user permissions to Re-open Task button #0037851
• Added the ability to retain expired/cancelled contract on Closed Tasks #0037219
• Add Invoice Number to the Billed Task Maintenance Window
• Show associated Service Task (Job) Number in service billing invoice form
• Added Event for when new customer/account is created #0036654
• Added new feature to allow for rounding 'Billed Hours' Automatically
• Enable data type filtering on Contract > Equipment grid. Improves ability to sort/search
• Added separate permissions for Converting Project Order to Request and Generating Invoice / Payment #0038257
• Added PM Due Date to PM Call Generation Screen #0038611
• Improved 'Last/Next Task Comments'. A new Admin setting allows to display comments by Equipment or Customer #0038696
• Improved Meter Due log file name #0038437
• Added 'Created-by' display field on Purchase Orders #0038320
• Improved how Over Time (OT) shows on Invoice Description #0038964
• Added Supplier / Purchase Order info on Received Purchase Orders when exporting using QuickBooks Online #0038622
• Server Console: Improved Event Manager Logging (MSNotification.txt) #0032126
• Server Console: Ignored apostrophes in Salesman to improve email deliverability #0038437
• Server Console: Parsed commas out in email addresses to improve email deliverability
Resolved Issues
• Improved Data Importer to ensure multiple Equipment records are not created within contract on importing existing Equipment #0035375, 0038861
• Resolved issue where Meter Due Notification closed when Equipment had no meter readings attached #0033857
• Corrected issue where some Equipment would not purge under certain conditions #0034603
• Corrected a problem where unused Contract Templates were not able to be deleted when Inventory Categories were attached #0038097
• Updated SMTP Timeout (ms) to ensure it is not NULL #0038732
• Fixed a displayed error when clicking Configure button in Compatible Parts
• Added Confirm Change user entry for switching Parts Compatibility option
• Resolved issue with special pricing for Sometimes Bill To customer #0031660
• Resolved 'Type Mismatch' error when removing and inserting columns using double click in My Preferences
• Resolved ODBC error when Voiding consolidated invoices #0038936
• Corrected issue with New Sales Order Event where data fields were not dynamically filled in when Sales Order is saved without printing #0034471
• Resolved issue where user could select an inactive Supplier when adding new Inventory
• Resolved Issue where duplicate Mileage Charges were added when re-opening and closing a task #0037561
• Resolved the Invalid Use of Null on Sales Invoice when customer is inactive #0037932
• Resolved issue where Serialized Costs were not being added to COGS Reports #0038086
• Resolved issue where labor hours 'Bill' field for assigned Tech labor rates was not calculating correctly under certain conditions #0038328
• Adding sorting to Service Equipment PM Due grid
• Resolved issue where changing Rate Method was not setting Tech Rate properly
• Resolved issue where NULL/blank Unit of Measure (UOM) field causes Invalid Use of Null #0038508
• Resolved issue where payments would only accept amount 1 cent lower than Invoice total #0039091
• Resolved Overflow error when exporting Invoice to QBO #0039326
• Resolved issue where Contract shows different date added on Accessories of Primary Equipment #0039606
• Improved Service Invoice Parts Used area #0039553
• Improved Archive Database logging at startup
• Resolved issue where Serialized item on Sales Invoice used average price (causing Credit Memo to skew) #0039814
• Added new Admin exporting error report for QuickBooks Online #0038881
• Resolved error when printing Purchase Order reports with the same supplier/multiple POs
• Resolved problem where Job use Time and Materials default Labor/Travel when no Equipment selected on Quick Call #0039075
• Enabling QBO Verbose logging causes exporting to abend (hosted only)
• Resolved issue where non-taxable items exported to QuickBooks Online as taxable #0038909
• Resolved issue where emailed Reports lost formatting in Body when edited #0037266
• Server Console: Resolved issue where Events were not being sent when using comma or space in recipients #0033260
• Corrected font in Task Assigned Event
• Resolved issue where Event Emails did not send successfully when subject was too long #0037740
• Added missing keywords to Sales Order Events
Client Update Admin - December 22, 2021

Added Features

• Added feature to allow users to batch export multiple Invoices and Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online (QBO)
• Enabled Print button when navigating from Invoice to linked Sales Order
• Enhanced the Document Manager file attachment to allow users to upload the files to the documents folder through the Miracle Service Client application which links the documents in Miracle Service. This simplifies and standardizes this process to make it easier for the user and ensures the file will be accessible to all Miracle Service users
• Added the Unit ID of the primary piece of equipment on the Period Invoice under the Unit ID field in the Period Invoice grid
• Added a new Compatible Parts option that filters the item list (on Sales Invoices and Sales Orders) by Model Family setup.  A Model Family is a list of Model Class/ Model Numbers which share a filtered Category list of items.
• Update Logo Setting for Standard PO and Service Estimate to auto-size
Resolved Issues
• Resolved issue where changing Country Name in Admin did not update Supplier records (causes Invalid Use of Null)
• Resolved issue of Batch Close error if Task ID was not included in Open Tasks view
• Resolved issue of Discount missing from Xero export
• Resolved issue where Sage 50 Quantum (US) (SO Journal, with Ship-To) #2 export option does not export A/R Account
• Resolved issue where Work Performed exported to QBDT when 'Export Customer Message' box was NOT checked
• Resolved issue where exporting a PO to QBDT with a new item is duplicating the QIS in Miracle Service
• Resolved issue where QBFinder required for QB2021 integration was missing
• Resolved issue where email from Invoice Print Review fails with blank Sender Email Address
• Resolved issue where changing Billto on Sales Order with multiple items and linked PO freezes the program
• Resolved issue where the One Time Charge on a contract does not apply the tax properly in some configurations
• Resolved issue where Serial Number field is blank on the Period Invoice Grid
• Resolved issue where deactivating a Tech does not remove Default Tech on Contracts
• Resolved issue where closing a job from Task Activity screen does not calculate billable hours properly
• Resolved issue where Task Completed Event does not trigger when Save & Close is used from New > Task Entry
• Resolved issue with Meter due Notifications not sending
• Resolved issue where Last PM Date increments by Period when Task edited
• Resolved issue where contract renewal does not set Accessory Date Added date correctly
• Resolved issue where Period Billing Excel report (MSExportTemplate.exe) does not include (Consolidated) Meters in export
• Resolved issue where Unit Price missing from Text Sales Order
• Resolved issue where Parts Below Minimum Event does not consider serialized items (Event Manager)
• Resolved issue where Parts Below Minimum Event not logging all details (Event Manager)
• Resolved issue where |PRODUCTSALESPERSON| keyword missing for Parts Below Min Event (Event Manager)
• Resolved issue which occurs when 'Rate by Technician' setting is configured and no Equipment is attached to Job, that the Labor/Travel rates default to Standard.
• Resolved issue with the Part Quote Event was not sending
Client Update Admin - May 28, 2021

Added Features

• Signature Capture now saves Documents regardless of Customer Notification settings #0036219, #0036709
• Improvements made to the Miracle Service database for Hosting Services

Resolved Issues

• Resolved issue where users were unable to export Invoices to QB Direct with Other Charges #0036711, #0036729
• Resolved issue where non-HTML Event formatting was not maintaining format #0036762
Client Update Admin - May 11, 2021

Added Features

• Added direct integrate to Sage 50 (US edition) eliminating export/import requirement
• Added option for customer to chose to use either SmptClient or SendGrid for their email sending from Miracle Service
• Added the feature that received PO's are automatically received QBO #0034821-1
• Added Other Charges as a field for Contracts #00335488
• Sales Invoice/Order/Task customer select name area has been resized to better allow for viewing customers with long company names #0036020-1
• Added the ability to create QBO non-taxable customers when adding a new customer via Invoice #0035824
• Implemented logging Improvements for QBO #0035895, #0036172
• Added timing for automated events #0036073
• Renamed the Quantity Ordered keyword to Quantity to Order for the Parts Below Minimum event #0036073

Resolved Issues

• Resolved issue where eForms were not loading in v10.2.0.0
• Resolved issue with emailing printed invoices and sending meter due notifications #0034680-1
• Resolved issue where meter emails marked were not being sent #0036532
• Resolved issue where automated invoicing was not using Sender Address
• Resolved issue where it was not possible to change the First Number Customer Number in blank database
• Resolved issue where data exports buttons displayed when the Send to QBO permission was disabled
• Resolved issue where the Advanced Replacement checkbox was missing from the Equipment Record
• Resolved issue where service calls were being incorrectly charged when Task is Rescheduled from Task Maintenance screen #0035628
• Resolved issue where Billing & Invoicing search results did not include Expenses in Total $ #0035693
• Resolved issue where inventory items didn't refresh properly when a different model class was selected #0035727
• Resolved issue that was causing a change type message to display when creating new serialized inventory item
• Resolved issue where rates were not set and techs were not added when Multiple Technicians option was enabled #0035805-2, #0036245-2
• Resolved issue that made it not possible to generate PM calls with a Master PM contract #0036204-1
• Resolved issue that resulted in error when running Table Maintenance on User Security #0036250-1
• Resolved issue that made Save and Send Note to more than 1 contact fail for SMTP and SendGrid
• Resolved issue with QBO New QB item QIS and Reorder
• Resolved issue where Invoice with Other Charges not in QBO did not export
• Resolved issue that was causing 'Access to path Global\ReportXMLViewer is denied' error on terminal server when printing #0036230
• Resolved issue that was resulting in Could not load file error using SendGrid
• Resolved issue where report names showed up as rpt**** if manually sent in email from print preview #0034011-1
• Resolved issue where Parts Below Minimum event did not consider multiple warehouses #0036073
• Resolved email sending/receiving issues #0036299
Client Update Admin - March 17, 2021

Added Features

• Cloud Hosting now available for Miracle Service
• Added 5 new Customizable Fields to the Equipment Screen
• Added the ability to set Supplier Numbering
• Added the ability to sort Period Billing History Meter Reading List
• Added the ability for manually uploaded eForms to be viewed from Customer Portal #0033954, #0035085
• Added the ability to view Inventory Comments in the localization table #0034041
• Added searchable Comments column to the Inventory Grid #0033939-1
• Added the ability to select ‘Payment Schedule’ default on Project Orders #0035385
• Grouping equipment on on one work order has been simplified
• Added the ability to Open Closed Tasks/Requests
• Contract and Equipment Profitability now calculate based on Actual Labor/Travel time instead of Billable time
• Added 'On Contract' field to the Equipment My Preferences grid
• Added consolidated flag to Service and Period Invoice Grid
• Added the ability to change the PO # field on invoices after initially printed #0033721-1
• MSExportTemplate Cloud Hosting now available
• QBO - Added Support for PO Taxes that are not based on the Automated Sales Tax (AST) #0034821-1
• QBO - Added sort order to imported categories
• QBO - QBODataAnalysis Report changes
• Added more details to display when selecting the Model on new equipment #0034458-1
• Added Equipment Description to Binocular Search on Quick Call Screen #0034524-1
• Removed QBFC6 support since QBFC13 is backwards compatible #0034156

Resolved Issues

• Resolved issue where it was possible to import Inventory with unknown Supplier #0028081
• Resolved issue where eForm Certificate Submission Time was not appearing #0034184
• Resolved issue in Event Manager where colon characters were not parsing properly for Part Order Events #0028490
• Resolved issue with error caused by apostrophe in the description of Tech Message #0034618, #0035047
• Resolved issue in Event Manager that was causing error when emailing notes
• Resolved issue where with null on reset next numbers when running TM - #0032933-1
• Resolved issue with contract not pulling Yield Tracking Information from Admin
• Resolved issue where tabbing from Bill-To binoculars during Contract Creation corrupts the contract #0028106
• Resolved issue with empty log file being generated from Invoice Print Approval when invoices are approved #0030278
• Resolved issue where Price Book importer wasn't updating quantity if the warehouse is not added on the item #0032870-1
• Resolved issue causing ODBC Error when trying to delete linked Meter #0032993-1
• Resolved issue causing ODBC Error when changing Warehouse ID on new PO #0032943
• Resolved issue where Warehouse QIS was not showing the correct quantity on Inventory Grid #0032900, #0031261
• Resolved issue where multi-currency Period Billing Invoice was using current rate instead of contract rate #0032984-1
• Resolved issue where it was possible to edit Contract Customer ID when not in Edit mode on non-metered contracts #0033585
• Resolved issue where Created User was not showing on the Sales Invoice when it's created from the Payments screen #0033430
• Resolved issue where Equipment and Contract Profitability Reports were blank when printed from 64-bit Office #0033734, #0034189
• Resolved issue where Parts were lost when cancelling Rescheduled Task from Project Order
• Resolved issue where MSExportTemplate.exe was duplicating SE lines #0034175
• Resolved issue where adding new Supplier from new Inventory Item corrupted the item
• Resolved issue that was causing errors when editing Inventory Warehouse Info with no Accounting Exporter Module #0034152, #0034328
• Resolved issues when adding New Parts on the fly from Parts Needed
• Resolved issue where when creating a new PO the tax was not autocalculating when there was only a quantity of one
• Resolved issue that was causing a Write Conflict error when Sending Purchase Order to QBO #0034821
• Resolved issue where Copy Block Setting on Contract Template were not activating on the contract
• Resolved issue that was causing incorrect billing in project sales order with pre set billing percentages #0034802
• Resolved issue where removing events from Customer Center was affecting other events #0035115
• Resolved issue that made users unable to delete a ShipTo's requester #0035791
• Resolved issue where range Selection was not filtering correctly for Serialized Inventory Part Label Reports #0034880
• Resolved issue with QBO where exports would fail with HTTPS #0035145
• Resolved issue with QBO defaults not populating properly #0035256
• Resolved issue where adding new item from Inv/PO was using created date as added date instead of transaction date #0035364
• Resolved issue where logging was missing from Invoice Print Review emails (batch)
• Resolved issue with Visual Scheduler with multiple days time off #0035261, #0025536, #0029504-2
• Resolved issue that was causing an error when sending Tech Message #0033307
• Resolved issue where the printing process blocked due to an error #0035766
• Resolved issue with eForms not linking to equipment records if the Create Copy feature is selected
• Resolved issue where Suppress Notification was not working individually
Client Update Admin - November 17, 2020

Added Features

QuickBooks Online (QBO) enhancements:
• Period Billing charges are now linked using items by Contract Template. #6137
• Added the ability to test the QBO domain server. #6137
• Added a column to the Item Preference screen so users can see if items are synced. #6137
• Added support for the Rate by Technician feature on Service Billing invoices. #6137
• Modified the supplier import to only include active suppliers that are linked to inventory. #6137

Resolved Issues

• Resolved the issue where the labor rates were not added properly on new jobs when using the Rate by Technician feature. #6188
• Resolved the issue with the recipient address when sending job details using the Technician Messaging feature. #6195
• Fixed the issue where technician chargeable hours were added as overtime hours. #3267

Client Update Admin - November 4, 2020

Resolved Issues

• Fixed issue where the 'Rate by Technician' feature was not applied when using the 'Multiple Technicians' setting #0034357 #0034475
• Resolved TLS issue with SMTP

Client Update Admin - September 28, 2020

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Added Features

• Added Non-Stock Inventory setting on the Inventory Maintenance screen to enable the ability to mark an item as a “Non-Inventory Item” or “Service Item” so that it is handled as such when exporting  to QuickBooks.
• Added ability for Integration with QuickBooks Online #0033057
• Added a new Admin setting to apply Labor Rates by Technician or one per Job (current).  Note this feature is supported with the following accounting export links:

Quickbooks Direct
Peachtree Quantum/Sage 50 (SO Journal, with Ship-To)
Peachtree Quantum/Sage 50 (SO Journal, with Ship-To) #2
Sage Line50 v6
Simply Accounting/Sage 50 Canada (2005 & 2006)
Xero (by Company ID)

• Added new Admin setting to allow approving and printing of Sales Invoice when quantity shipped is zero #0033071-1 #0033136
• Added ability to Export PO as Received for QuickBooks Direct

Resolved Issues

• Resolved performance issues when exporting to XERO #0032801
• Resolved issue where Show Printed Invoices option was not displaying all Invoices in Review screen
• Resolved issue of Job Completed event not attaching any documents in notification email #0032800-1

Client Update Admin - February 11, 2020

Resolved Issues

• Fixed Display issue for Login Security screen
• Remove unused report settings
• Resolved issue with email notification when parts are not available on new Service Request from Project Sales Order #0030570
• Resolved issue when unable to cancel creating new Model
• Use Quoted Price when using Parts on Tasks (instead of retail pricing) #0029616
• Resolved issue where list of Sites was not displayed after navigating to Requesters tab
• Fixed error when trying to export Contract Review report to excel #0031060
• Added setting for reserving parts to receiving Warehouse #0030833 #0030917
• Refund Terms added to My Preferences for Credit Memo instead of Payment Terms #0031213
• Resolved issue where it was possible to save Credit Memo with blank Refund Terms #0031213
• Fixed Yield Tracker Calculation Methods #0031250
• Resolved issue where Visual Scheduler would lose time zone settings on upgrade #0031314
• Resolved issue where Contract Prices do not increase when Adjustment Method uses 'By Individual Price' #0031210
• Resolved issue where changing Scheduled Date on Task was not working
• Resolved issue where Serialized items were importing cost into both cost and price #0031067
• Resolved issue where Sales Invoices could be approved/printed with no items selected to Ship #0021494 (can create and save invoice with no items selected to ship) (at least one item per line needs to be selected in order to approve or print)

Client Update Admin - January 2, 2020

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Added Features

• Added keywords for Equipment Location and Equipment IP Address to the Event Manager #0030990

Resolved Issues

• Resolved the 'No record Found' error when previewing the technician SMS message by validating data before sending. #0031068

Client Update Admin - December 12, 2019

Added Features

• Expand the Note Window and added new Preview screen to make notes more readable
• Increase Sales Order/Invoice Line item Discount description #0029873
• Added the Service Equipment Requester to PM Work Order/Task that is auto-generated #0030219
• Added the ability to store the Capacity, Increment, Uncertainty, Class and UoM based on standard settings on the Model Class record, so when a scale is sold to a customer, the values stored on the Model Class is added to the equipment record #0029413
• Added an Update Uncertainty button to update the uncertainty field for all equipment linked to that Model Class when the Update Uncertainty button is clicked #0029413
• Blocked required 'system' events from being deleted/deactivated #0029755
• Added ‘Delete’ confirm to ‘Remove Link’ in Document Manager #0030118
• Added Manufacturer to the equipment dataset for reports #0029784

Resolved Issues

• Resolved issue where Period Invoice exports with 0 meter charges to QuickBooks (tax by location setting) #0029660-1
• Resolved issue with ability to export all customers with Peachtree Quantum as export specification #0030113
• Resolved issue affecting ability to add new Models from Administration
• Resolved Sales Order numbering error #0030288
• Resolved issue where Combined Base skews Contract Profitability with Meter Charges #0029004
• Resolved issue where adding Primary Supplier on the fly from New Inventory creation displays error
• Resolved issue Editing Event at Customer Level which deletes all linked records #0030051
• Resolved issue on Task where the Returns Order button was showing without module enabled #0030274
• Resolved issue with Technician SMS Message Preview becoming corrupted when more than 4 meters are included #0025111#0030383
• Resolved issue with Invalid Use of Null when adding Note on Quick Call entry
• Resolved issue with Visual Scheduler displaying incorrect time off
• Resolved issue where overage on the contract report increments differently by 1 from the contract
• Resolved issue where standard Service Contract Report only shows first Other Charge
• Resolved issue where Task Ticket shows Billto Region instead of ShipTo Region
• Resolved issue where only 1 tech was showing on the eForms when there were more than 1 tech on the Work Order #0029719
• Resolved issue where the update failed to set the ‘Tax Consolidated Meters’ setting to Checked/On where the “Tax Meters” setting was also set to Checked/On.

Client Update Admin - September 06, 2019

Resolved Issues

• Fixed issue where using Tax by Location prevented meter charges from being exported to QuickBooks
• Fixed zero line amount for Consolidated Meters on Period Invoices when Tax Consolidated Meters is 'ON' and Contract Percent Tax is 'OFF'

Client Update Admin - June 26, 2019

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Added Features

• Modified Events to support all locations related to a BillTo
• Added TECHNAME keyword to the Order Parts Event
• Added ability to enter / edit subject line on Signature Capture Email
• Added Active Flag to Event Notification Manager Grid
• Modified the Service Equipment Meter Info screen to include a new column that will calculate the difference in readings
• Added auto-creation of new Categories in Admin when Importing Inventory
• Added ability to add inventory Kit to a PO created from a Sales Order
• Add Meter Tax Percent to Consolidate Meters
• Added option to be able to use Last PM Date for calculating the next scheduled date. New setting on the Model Class/Model Number.

Resolved Issues

• Resolved issue where SHIPTO keyword creates odd character if an apostrophe is in the company
• Resolved issue where REQUESTER Keyword missing from Signature Capture Event
• Resolved issue where eForm Keyword for Contract ID is not filtering for cancelled or in active contracts.
• Resolved issue where MASTERPMDAYS keyword not working
• Fixed issue to use Tax By Location on Consolidated Period Billing Invoices for QuickBooks export
• Fixed error 'this is not known error' when adding Payment Types
• Fixed error when adding Quantity Pricing
• Resolved issue where Accessories are displayed in Quick Call Binocular Equipment search results
• Resolved issue where overflow displays when wildcard (*) search used on 'Phone - All' in Quick Call
• Fixed validation to prevent saving Inventory Item with comma in Part Number
• Fixed validation to prevent creating a Metered Model with no default meter
• Resolved issue where Alternate Suppliers not being added correctly with PO's created and linked to Sales Orders or Tasks
• Resolved issue where Service Invoice Grid displays ShiptoID as BilltoID
• Resolved issue where changing SupplierID does not update related Inventory items’ SupplierID
• Resolved write conflict when deleting task
• Resolved issue where PO Notes are not filtering properly
• Resolved issue where the Unscheduled Tasks not displaying in Visual Scheduler
• Resolved issue where multiple taxes added when a complete payment invoice is created for a Project Sales Order with multiple line items on it
• Resolved issue where Period Invoice shows $0 when there is a one-time charge on equipment
• Resolved issue where deleting a labor code does not check for travel instances
• Resolved issue where discount on serialized item on Project Sales Order is added to other service billing Invoices for the same serialized item created from a project sales order
• Resolved issue where reports that are filtered by supplier were not filtering correctly
• Fixed issue where the Requester Email report was only pulling the first requester


• Modified the PM Due Notification check to for open PM tasks so as to not send additional notifications

Client Update Admin - 3 January 2019

Added Features

• Updated the Import API to include the Equipment’s Manufacturer.
• Project Order discounts are now automatically applied to the Service Billing invoice. #2709
• Added filter to show unpaid Invoices only in Invoice Review Screen. #0025906
• Added task type to the Activity screen. #2836
• Add new keywords for Event Manager:  |SHIPTOADDRESS||BILLTOADDRESS||REQUESTNUM|

Resolved Issues

• Updated the initial CRM login roles.
• Resolved the issue where the Visual Scheduler could not launch for CRM logins. #0026250
• Fixed issue where adding inventory items to QuickBooks did not properly set the taxable flag. #0027236
• Modified the Combined Base feature to apply only when there are multiple meters on the equipment. #0025853
• Fixed issue where taxes on Contract Other Charges did not reflect a change in the tax rate. #0026542
• Resolved the ODBC error that occurred when converting a Back Order Sales Order. #0026511
• Resolved the issue where registering a custom report did not copy over report. #2685
• Improved audit logging by using values known to user over record identifiers. #0025975
• Fixed the issue where the lifetime meter would reset. #2703
• Resolved the overflow error that occurred when viewing meter readings under certain conditions. #2704
• Resolved the write conflict error when changing the payment schedule on a Project Order. #2714
• Fixed the issue where consolidated meters did not tax properly using location setting. #0025975, #0025975
• Resolved the filtering error that occurred when excluding PM Tasks. #0025975
• Removed the ability to add Other Charges to Project Orders as it is not supported on Service Tasks. #0025975
• Resolved issue with extended line descriptions from Project Orders. #0025975
• Resolved the issue with linking an item from a Purchase Order to a task’s warehouse. #0025975
• Yield Alerts not generating on Sales Invoices. #2694
• Fixed the unknown error that occurred when adding a new warehouse or deleting a warehouse. #0025975, #0021771
• Group Type and Customer PO not pushed to Request from Project SO. #0021153
• Cannot reschedule Task with apostrophe in Notes section. #0021484
• ODBC Error when saving Contract Template with Charge Per Mile field NULL. #0021947
• Improved various areas of the Purge functionality. #0022200, #2733
• Added enhanced item logging when converting a Project Sales order. #1697
• Syntax error when deleting Estimated Price from Parts Needed. #0023161
• Resolved error when clicking Parts Warehouse in Service Billing Review. #1818
• Improved logging when cancelling a Service Contract. #0023313
• PO does not save correctly when using 'Prefix + Numbering' format. #0024568
• Comments from Last Call warning light not pulling correct comments. #2342
• Resolved issue where a Service Equipment could not be deleted. #0025848.
• Fixed issue where serialized items could not be credited. #0026076, #0026177
• Contract hours included not updating properly. #2660
• Update Table Maintenance to fix negative QIS. #2661
• Warning of Unused Parts on a Task Not working. #2663
• Swapped Equipment is not being returned to Faulty Parts Warehouse. #2706
• Parts Below Min Stock event not sending
• Fixed issue where taxes are double billing Period Charges on contracts with multiple machines. #0026420
• Update tax rate on Other Charges defined on Service Contract when the rate is modified. #0026542
• Fixed an issue with the batch close function where expense values were incorrect. #0026614
• Removing the Accumulated Clicks or Combined Based on Template causes contract to bill incorrectly. #0026706
• Warning lights on Service Task. #0026823
• Period Billing Call Required Flag not displaying when calls are required under certain conditions. #2777
• Duplicate serial numbers cause issue when converting a Sales Order to Invoice. #0026935


• Database modifications required for changes to Customer Self-Service Portal and Mobile Field Technician Console.

Client Update Admin - 17 August 2018

Added Features

• Included a new setting to indicate that printed address fields should conform to the postal standards #0025789
• Added integration support to Accpacc Sage 300. #0024596
• Added integration support to Sage Line50 (US) #0024756
• Included a new keyword to the Event Manager for the Job's Customer P.O.#.
• Updated the Equipment grid field list to include Manufacturer.
• Added Purchase Order and Supplier Notes.
• Added Purchase Order and Supplier Documents.
• Enhanced the report datasource to include weight kits.
• eForms – Add keyword for IP Address |IPADDRESS|

Resolved Issues

• Resolved the No current Record error that occurred when apply taxes to service expenses for the first time.
• Fixed the issue where Back Orders did not retain the cost or comments from the originating Purchase Order. #0023114
• Improved performance when reconciling Inventory. #0025697
• Logging improvements for importing meter readings. #0025664
• Resolved the issue where the wrong event type was being used for the Mobile Field Technician Console when completing a job. #0025723
• Modified the column filtering options for the Tech Name, Tech ID and Customer Regions columns on the Open Jobs grid.
• Fixed issue where the user profile did not include the Credit Memo settings when adding a new user. #0025333
• Resolved the issue where the printed Period Billing did not calculate properly for certain cases. #0025436
• Resolved the ODBC error that occurred when voiding a Purchase Order. #0025129
• Modified the logic for searching for the last job comments for a Service Equipment. The last job comments are the previous job’s next task comment.
• Modified the warehouse controls to display the WarehouseID when car stock are not assigned to a technician.
• Resolved the issue with the Period Billing export template where an extra row was added to the spreadsheet. 0025909


• Updated reports: Invoice Analysis By Customer, Invoice Analysis By Zip Code, Picking Slip, Purchase Order
• Custom Report Data Source changes. #0026002

Client Update Admin - 22 May 2018


• Database modifications required for changes to Customer Self-Service Portal and Mobile Field Technician Console.

Client Update Admin - 7 May 2018

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Added Features

• Visual Scheduler appointment colors: Added the ability for users to set the colors for each of their company's Task Types as well as the color of the status bar to indicate Task Status.
• Visual Scheduler: Modified the Technician drop down to make it easier to select just one technician's schedule to view.
• Visual Scheduler: Now showing technician’s Time Off in the scheduler as grayed out in the 'Day' view.
• Updated the Inventory field preference list to include the alternate supplier’s part numbers. #0024349
• The Equipment field ‘IP Address’ was added as a custom label it can be customized for other use.

• Database changes to make compatible with Customer Self-Service Portal and new Mobile Field Technician Console.

• Back-end modifications made to the following sub-components:

o Miracle.exe
o Task Toner Importer
o Export Template
o General Exporter
o Import Custom Reports
o Batch Close
o Visual Scheduler
o Meter Due Email
o SQL Upgrade
o Report Designer
o Report Viewer
o Dashboard
o Meter Center
o Event Notification

Resolved Issues

• Visual Scheduler: Modified the Time Zone feature so that the scheduler reflects the user’s time zone.
• Resolved the error that occurred when printing the ‘Machine Sales Profitability’ report. #0025070
• Fixed the issue where serviceable parts used did not automatically generate Service Equipment when a job is rescheduled.
• Resolved the issue with the Export Template tool where the data was not being sorted by the specified field. #002146
• Fixed the issue where zone charges did not carry over to rescheduled jobs. #0024775, #002354

Client Update Admin -23 March 2018

Added Features
• Enhanced the meter reading importer to ignore a specified number of top rows when reading the data. Also included support for date fields with time values.

Resolved Issues
• Improved performance when converting a Sales Order with non-serialized items. #0024699
• Resolved the issue on an invoice when a sales person’s name is changed. #0024677
• Resolved the syntax error when adding multiple parts needed to a Service Estimate. TFS 2176
• Updated reports Service History by Technician Summary #1 and Service History by Technician Summary #2 with a repx format.
• Resolved the tax calculation error that occurred when printing a job ticket #82091
• Fixed the Invalid Use of Null error that occurred when converting a Text Sales Order to an invoice. #0024814
• Fixed the issue where the Invoice line discount and line tax values were not properly updated when converting a Text Sales Order.
• Modified the QuickBooks Direct (CAN 2012 by Company ID) and QuickBooks Direct (CAN 2012 by Company Name) links to omit tax information. See TN3608 for setup information.

Client Update Admin -14 February 2018

Added Features
• Added new keywords to the Event Manager for displaying the Unit ID and Equipment Description for applicable event types. #0024128
• Added supplier pricing feature. # 0023110
• Updated the ‘Sales Order Inventory Review’ report with a repx format. #0023408
• Added new login permissions for maintaining requesters:
- Add Customer Contacts
- Edit Customer Contacts
- Delete Customer Contacts
- Add Supplier Contacts
- Supplier Contacts
- Delete Supplier Contacts
• Added the ability to assign a salesperson to a Service Contract. #0022571
• Added an export link for Xero Accounting By Customer ID. #0024340

Resolved Issues
• Fixed the IUON error that occurred when viewing the Meter Call screen. #0024050
• Fixed the issue on the Service Estimate report where the wrong value for the Request Number was printed.
• Improved invoice calculation performance.
• Resolved the error that occurred when adding new tax codes manually to a purchase order. #0023470
• Removed the X from the Return Order form to prevent users from closing the form. #0023385
• Fixed the Quantity Pricing issue that occurred when price is 0. #0023285, #0023381
• Improved performance of loading the Service Task Maintenance and Sales Order Review forms.
• Added a new column to identify the status of an event when viewing the event list.
• Added a column that displays the source of a meter reading.
• Modified the sort order of the Document list to show most recent first.
• When renewing a contract, the contract text is carried to renewed contract.
• Automatically set line quantity to 1 when selecting a new item on a Sales Order or Sales Invoice.
• Resolved the issue where CPU usage rose while viewing customer information in lookup mode from various areas.
• Fixed the issue that caused an error when printing a Period Billing invoice with consolidated meters. #0023976
• Fixed the issue where the Sales Order number would be set to 0 when saving an order without line items.
• Replaced the ‘Service Contract by Region With Equipment’ report with a repx format.

Client Update Admin - 11 December 2017

Resolved Issues
• Resolved the issue where Quantity Pricing was not calculated properly for non-serialized items on a Sales Invoice. #0023381
• Resolved the issue with the Labor and Travel hours included in a Service Contract. #1835
• Resolved the issue that prevented users from modifying the BillTo on a Service Contract. #0023309

Client Update Admin - 27 September 2017

Added Features
• Added the ability to define event notifications at the customer’s billing location and apply to all shipping locations.  This modification will apply to any new shipping location as well.  #0021035
• Included a column that shows the difference in meter readings when viewing service equipment meter readings. #0021035
• Added the ability to include rescheduled notes to the Task Rescheduled event.  #002384
• Added keywords|EquipmentEmail| and |EquipmentMultiEmail| to the Event Manager.  These keywords can be used as the recipient for the Task Completed , Task Web Closed and PM Due events.
• Added the ability to attach documents to emails sent from the Event Manager for the Task Completed and Task Web Closed events.
• Added the equipment’s requester to the report datasource for contract based reports.
• Enhanced the technician time-off feature to consider all time-off types when determining schedule availability. #0022805

Resolved Issues
• Displayed the weight kits fields only when the feature is enabled when adding new equipment from a contract.
• Resolved the issue that prevented transaction exporting using the ‘General’ link.
• Resolved the ODBC error that occurred when exporting inventory using a file export format.
• Updated the PB detail invoice so that rounding occurs on the report.  #0021998
• Fixed the date range issues with purging invoices, purchase orders, service requests and cancelled contracts. #0021897
• Improved performance when activating Service Contracts.  #0021666
• Expanded the ‘Last PM Date’ column on the ‘PM Due Review’ report. #0021623
• Resolved the issue with documents not showing for certain customers. #0021417
• Fixed the error that prevented Credit Memo exporting when more than one tax code applied. #0022292
• Sorted the list of Purchase Orders in the receive list.  #0022275
• Added validation on the Unit of Measure when adding parts needed. #0021307; 0021571; 0021848
• Improved performance when adding non-serialized items to Sales Invoices and Parts Used.
• Updated the Last PM Date on all equipment linked to the PM task.
• Resolved the ODBC Call Failed message when processing a Period Billing invoice with an One-time charge.
• Fixed the issue where a quote in the reschedule notes generated an error when saving.
• Resolved the issue where running the Service Contract price adjustments did not apply rounding based on settings.  # 0022810
• Updated vuWebPartInfoCP to support larger stock values.  #0022780
• Included item detail when logging Project Order conversions. #1697
• Modified the Open Tasks filtering for Task Types to use the code instead of the description. #1700
• Resolved the performance issue when exporting using QuickBooks 2009-10 (AU) (By Company ID) # 0022616
• Resolved the Item not found in this collection when printing from Invoice Print Review. # 0022696
• Resolved the Error when trying to Void a received PO.  # 0022614
• Resolved the issue where meter due notifications where not processed when using the automated method. # 22561
• Updated the Service Contract by Contract Type report.  # 0022536
• Resolved the ODBC when adding New Supplier and clicking Financial Info or Requestors buttons. # 0022538
• Added keyword filtering based on event types.• Resolved the issue with the Combined Base feature where the base charge accumulated even though a meter reading was added. #0022811
• Resolved the issue where the module validation was incorrectly returning a false.  #0023027
• Updated the form counter when displaying the Documents list. #0022952
• Resolved the issue when printing the Service History Details by Equipment report when a filter is specified.  #0022974
• Resolved Project Order issue where voiding the linked invoice did not remove the reference from the Order. #0022947

Client Update Admin - 19 June 2017

Added Features
• Database changes to make compatible with new Customer Self-Service Portal to be released June 19th, 2017, including settings to customize date, time and currency formats.

Resolved Issues
• Set default value for mileage charge on contract template. #0021947
• Resolved the issue where the expense mileage settings were not applied to Quick Calls or when technicians were assigned from the Outstanding Task screen. #0021914
• Resolved the printing issue that occurred only with the Office64 edition. #0021974
• Modified the logic for retaining labor and travel rate settings once modified on the task. #0021983, #0021952
• Resolved the ODBC error that occurred when creating multiple tasks for same request. #0021955
• Resolved Invalid Use of Null error which occurred when closing Tasks without clicking Edit. #0022176

Client Update Admin - 27 April 2017

Added Features
• Added the equipment’s service charge to the Service Contract dataset. #0019940
• Added various weight kit related equipment fields to the datasets that contain equipment information. #0019957
• Increased the Unit of Measure column on the Inventory Reconciliation form to display longer serial numbers.
• Added the ability to import weight kits.
• Included the option to calculate task mileage charges based on defined customer mileage and expense rates. # 0017128
• Added the ability to define a list price on serialized items to be used on Sales Orders when the items are not in stock. #0019605
• Added a standard Sales Order and Sales Quote report that displays the kit details. #0019966
• Users are now required to have the Edit Stock Levels permission in order to process Faulty Parts and Reserved Parts #0019930
• Added a new event type for alerting users when a meter reading is required as the equipment and contract are selected on a Sales Invoice, Sales Order or Service Task. #0019847
• When searching for Equipment via the binocular search on a Sales Invoice, Sales Order or Service Task, the selected equipment is automatically attached to the transaction. If the Equipment is linked to an active Service Contract it will be attached to the transaction as well. #0019847
• Exposed Open Task Status to Service Call Defaults Task Status for selection. #0018764, #0020615
• When option Export Customer Message to QuickBooks (SB) is set, it now remains enabled until it is unchecked.
• Added the ability to create Credit Memos (*for Sales Invoices only*), and to export to QuickBooks using the Direct links.(This is currently a non-standard BETA feature only and must be activated separately before it is available for users).#0017153

Resolved Issues
• Enhanced the performance when voiding transactions. #0019896, 0019721
• Added validation when attempting to add a blank customer note.
• Resolved the issue with Contract Profitability where the Other Charges were added to the Period charge. #0019923
• Updated the .repx Service Billing Invoice to allow multi-line in the Description of Problem and Work Performed Fields.
• Modified the warning message when attempting to delete a requester that is linked to a task.
• Resolved the Invalid Use of Null error that occurred when printing the profitability report of a Service Equipment without a description. #0020329
• Resolved the ‘Unrecognized database format’ error that occurred when reviewing meter readings on a service task. #0019634, 0019870, 0020258
• Modified the meter due notifications to include the internal sending account. # 0020053
• Resolved the issue where period charges were inaccurate when using contract percent tax and tax by ship to location. #0020655
• Improved performance of CRM report widgets (Sales Activity and Customer Activity)
• Added support for quotes in search parameters of main grids.
• Fixed the issue where rescheduling a task did not update contract hours included. #0020717
• Resolved the issue with using a QB Direct link and QBFC13 where the item was not properly searched when using the prefix setting. #0020873
• Fixed the issue where specifying a Sales Order discount value (instead of rate) does not properly save on the converted invoice. #0020930
• Fixed the issue where reprinting invoices reset the exported flag under certain circumstances. #0021061

Client Update Admin - 31 October 2016

Added Features
• Enhanced the Service Equipment data importer to include the Measurement Uncertainty field.
• Added a new field to weight kits for specifying the weight class.
• Increased the customer’s company name character limitation to 100.
• Enhanced Table Maintenance to include various checks for null values.
• Converted the Current Meter Status report to repx format. #0019242
• Performance improvement for the Visual Scheduler.

Resolved Issues
• Resolved the issue where the PO approval user default to ‘Admin’ user instead of the currently logged in user. #0018759, 0019018
• Fixed the issue when upgrading from version 7 when one of the default report types was not specified. #19007
• Fixed the sort issue on the Meter Call screen where the column order was not considered for sorting.  #18989
• Resolved the issue where the primary supplier’s part number did not auto populate on a PO created from a Sales Order. #0018862, 0016794
• Fixed the issue where the accumulated base label was hidden. #18899
• Resolved permission validation issues for non-siteadmin users. #18983
• Fixed the error that occurred when changing the email frequency for meter notifications. Also resolved the last billed meter reading value. #0019153
• Added the meter due notification status message on the contract form.
• Resolved the timeout issue when exporting consolidated invoices to QuickBooks. #0019165
• Fixed the issue where the print preview status could not be modified by the user. #0019109
• Resolved the issue where the IP Address did not carry over to history tables when closing a return.  #0019253
• Fixed the performance issue when exporting using MYOB AU #0019077

Client Update Admin - 2 September 2016

Added Features
• Enhanced the event manager feature to be able to suppress selected task events.
• Added the ability to print a consolidated invoice from the Consolidated Review screen.
• Users now have the ability to consolidate invoices either by the print status or the paid status.
• Added a new field on the Service Equipment to capture the Measure Uncertainty.
• Added hot keys to the Open Task screen.
• Included a warning message when attempting to use one of the QuickBooks Direct links with the 64-bit version of Office installed.

Resolved Issues
• Resolved the issue where login users could not be deleted if the user was linked to a technician.
• Resolved the issue where weight kits were not added properly when a task was created via the Quick Call screen. #18288
• Updated all Invoice and Purchase Order .repx files to support multiple lines for the comments. #18129
• Fixed the error that occurred when receiving a Purchase Order while reserving parts for a service call.
• Resolved the syntax error that occurred when transferring faulty parts. #18582
• Resolved the issue where inventory stock levels where incorrect when importing a new item using QuickBooks Direct link. #18835, #17784
• Resolved the error that occurred when certain users could not save and print a sales invoice. #18607

Client Update Admin - 19 August 2016

Added Features
• Automatically archive the database log every 30 days to a text file for SQL users.
• Automatically remove any session tables more than 2 days old on application startup.
• Added the ability to hold all service task events at the service task level.
• Added the Superseded Part Number field to the inventory field options.  #0016515, 0014203
• Included the Priority keyword for events.  #0016454
• Added customer validation on various fields (Tax Group, Payment Term, Payment Type and Billing Method). # 0015944, 317
• Enhanced the user login and role setup in administration that improves searching, defining technician portal logins and CRM logins.
• Modified the Quick Call interface to enable single task creation. #59
• Enhanced the customer VIP feature to include both the customer and the BillTo. #17189
• Included the ETTR field in the Report Datasource. # 17081
• Included the reports: Technician Timesheet, Invoice Analysis by Region.
• Added an approval process to invoices. #17127
• Included additional Service Equipment fields to the data importer.  Fields include: Capacity, Increment, Class and Unit of Measure.
• Added field sorting to the Period Billing, Meter Call and Invoice Review screens.
• Added Service Contract User Defined fields to the Meter Call screen.
• Added the ability to accumulate base charges when meter readings are skipped during meter billing.

Resolved Issues
• Resolved the issue that occurred when trying to change the supplier on new serialized items. #0016626
• Added QBFC 13 support for searching for non-inventory items. #0016860
• Added validation to ensure that an end date is specified when adding technician time-off.
• Fixed the issue where internal reports could not be exported to Excel.
• Resolved the issue where the PM dates and last service dates did not reset when a service task was deleted. #0016688
• Resolved the issue with Project invoices where the price fields were not updated properly. #0016611
• Increased the width of various fields on the Service Billing Review report. #0016715, 0015150
• Fixed the display issue when displaying the QIS by warehouse value in the Inventory listing. #0016644
• Resolved the issue where rescheduling a service task does not update the task status. #0016551
• Fixed the performance issue when exporting using Business Vision. #0016584
• Resolved the ‘Data has changed…’ error that occurred when exporting using various links. #0016482|
• Fixed the overtime calculation when using SQL database. #0016456
• Resolved the ‘You can't assign a value to this object error’ that occurred when attempting to update a service task after adding billing information. #0016468
• Increased the field size of the technician assigned time field. # 0016230
• Resolved the rounding issue with the CPC field when using 6 digits. # 0016156, 0015989, 0017118, 17011
• Fixed the issue with the date format when importing customers when system date format is set to CDN format. # 0016350
• Set the email body text to the defined text when emailing Customer Statements. # 0015902
• Fixed the ‘ODBC Call Failed’ error when printing the Inventory Transfer report. #0015911
• Added logic to exclude zero quantity line items when using the QuickBooks Direct link. # 0015325
• Resolved the dbSeeChanges error when changing the BillTo on a sales invoice. #16957
• Set the Project Order comments fields to be required when saving the record. #0013603, #840
• Various performance enhancements in Invoice Review, Inventory Transfer, Purchase Order receive, Service Billing Review and Sales Order convert. #16944, 17095
• Improved the Rescheduling process and added logging. #0014298,0014683
• Improved performance when exporting using Sage Line 50 v6 link. # 17156
• Resolved the error that occurred when compacting the mde on startup. # 17194
• Updated the QB Direct links to use the invoice line descriptions instead of the inventory item description when exporting invoices.
• Resolved the ‘No Current Record’ error that occurred when changing the Parts Used and Sales Invoice item number. # 17049
• Fixed the issue where line discounts did not display the proper value with the currency module.
• Fixed the issue where the technician’s mileage did not calculate as an expense on a closed task. #17274
• Resolved the issue where the Meter Due Notification tool did not work with version 8. #0014925
• Added vertical scroll bars to the Invoice Comments and Service Billing Comments boxes in read-only mode. #17324
• Resolved the ‘Invalid Use of Null’ error that occurred when emailing legacy reports from the Invoice Print screen. # 17353
• Added logic to table maintenance to synchronize serialized item’s warehouse.
• Resolved issue with Service Equipment importer where the UnitID validation was incorrect when null. # 17244
• Fixed the performance issue with exporting to Peachtree Complete Accounting 7.0 (SO, No Ship-To). # 17276
• Resolved the issue where parts reserved on a task recalculated the price instead of using the price from the Project Order. #0013602; 0014943, 842
• Fixed the issue where the export template was missing meter information when the meter name or location was null. # 0017445

Versions through have been removed from this page.  Contact us if you need specific information related to one of those versions.