Not Available for Your Version of Miracle Service.

Please upgrade to version only.

As you are on an older MSAccess version of Miracle Service, version 10 is not available for your database type.
Please upgrade to version only.

Step 1 – Version 7 Full Client Installation: v7 Full Install Download Page

Step 2 -Upgrade to v7.2.0.2:  North American version    UK/Australia (A4) version

Miracle Service SQL version, which was released back in February 2014, is the database platform that Miracle Service will be using exclusively for our new enhancements and web and mobile development (including the Mobile Filed Tech Console, Customer Self-Service Portal and CRM). We would suggest that you consider migrating to the SQL version so that you can take advantage of new features and development. Click here to see the comparison chart showing the difference between the versions.

We have a lot of great new development and enhancements to Miracle Service currently in the works, and moving exclusively to a SQL database type will allow us to take advantage of the latest technologies to advance the product for you to a level not previously possible.

Moving to Miracle Service SQL version requires that we do a database conversion to migrate your database. Please contact us for more details or if you would like us to send you a quote for your consideration.