Upgrade Files
  • MSv10 Client and Admin Upgrade

    Updates to the latest Client Interface and Administration Interface version
    Note: Must be running Miracle Service version or later. Release Notes.

    Request Download:  Please be aware that in order to keep updates to a manageable level, your request will be queued on our help-desk; this means that you may not get the download right away, so your patience is appreciated. As ever, we recommend that you take a copy of your database before you install the update (even if you have adequate backup procedures in place).

    Request North American versionRequest UK/Australia (A4) version

    Last updated: 1 June 2022

Full Installation Files

Other Installation Files

  • QuickBooks Runtime Library

    These files are required in order to export to QuickBooks from Miracle Service. This download includes Versions 6 &13 of the QuickBooks Runtime Library (QBFC). *IMPORTANT: QuickBooks Runtime Library is not compatible with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office.

    Download Now
    Last updated: 24 June 2016

Administration Guide & User Manual
  • Latest version of the MSv10 User Guide

    The User Manual can be also found in your Miracle Service application: Go to the “Help” pull-down menu > select Miracle Service User Manual.

    Right click > 'Save Target as' to download files to local machine.

  • Other User Guides & Manuals

    Specific User Guides for various Miracle Service modules and features can be found on the User Guides & Manuals page.